If you are planning to expand in the international market, I can help you capitalize on business growth  opportunities and reduce go-to-market costs

  • Find suppliers, customers, dealers

  • USA, South America, Europe, Australia, Africa, UAE, Russia 

  • Negotiate the best price and terms

  • Find the best logistics and banking service and quotes

  • Develop global expansion strategy

  • Evaluate and optimize project costs 

  • Build sales structure abroad

  • Strategic Advise

  • Market intelligence 

  • Product scouting

  • Executive search

  • PR & Marketing campaigns


Anna Shebanova

Strategic Marketing & International Business Development

 Strategic Advisor | Import & Export Agent |

I help businesses, from startups to big names develop the best market entry strategy and increase sales


My name is Anna Shebanova. For over 13 years I work in strategic marketing and international business development, driving development and implementation of new business plans across multiple industries all around the world. It has become not only my profession, but also a passion about accelerating global expansion, that gives me the greatest sense of accomplishment and satisfaction .

Track record of success in establishing companies’ international presence, building brand awareness and generating revenue within new markets, and entrepreneurial mind equipped with expertise in enhancing brand recognition in global markets and increasing the capitalisation of companies, developing distribution channels and tailoring marketing and sales strategies to customer trends and preferences in Americas and European markets, - all of this made me happy to provide my business services to my customers as a self-employed person after more than 13 years professional career in the international and domestic companies in the USA, Europe and Russia. 


Years as a Sales and Strategy Director in the USA, South American and European markets given me the opportunity to build a large pool of clients and partners in different industries - machinery, metal processing, wood processing, scrap industry, food packaging, raw materials, glass industry, professional skincare products, textile industry, etc., and to gain a reputation as a reliable partner in the international market.


The main thing that my German employers and partners taught me was a systematic approach. Logic, information structuring, consistent action plan, figures, facts, no "water". 


The main thing that American clients and partners have taught me is hard sell and the American school of marketing.


The main thing that my Russian partners have taught me is to be creative in implementation. 


This ensures the success of my projects.


"Clear understanding of target market and evaluation of expected profit is 50 per cent of success.

The other 50 per sent is hard work, endurance, and luck"

Paul Samuelson, Chicago School of Economics

CV ​

Born in May 10, 1982. Dipl. Economist. Dipl.-Interpreter (De/Eng/Rus). I have started my professional career in Germany conducting market research projects for German companies in wood & steel processing industries. Six years later I moved to Russia, where I promoted through roles of increasing scope and responsibility from a Market Research Manager to the Deputy Director of Export Sales and Business Development Director, served on Atlantis-Pak’s Strategic Council. I was responsible for market research and strategic analysis, global sales strategy development and implementation, establishing foreign branches and ensuring continued revenue growth. Today Atlantis-Pak is a leading global company with headquarter in Russia and sales network worldwide, and is ranked in the top 10 companies in the flexible packaging industry with sales to 85 countries. I am proud to be a member of this fascinating success story.

After 10 years with Atlantis-Pak brand I moved to the USA, where I drive business expansion into American, South American, and Australian markets as a Director of Sales and Strategic Marketing of DIMET GmbH company, the German manufacturer of heavy lifting equipment for the steel industry. It was success, and in 2022 I decided to put more effort into developing my own projects, continue consulting companies on the topic of strategy and international business development, as well as working as International B2B Sales Representative & Import Export Agent. 

Currently I am dual-based in Dubai, UAE / Moscow, Russia, but remotely I continue working with the European and American companies.

If you are interested in my business services please feel free to contact me.



Anna Shebanova

CEO, Strategic Advisor, International B2B Sales Representative, Import & Export Agent 

Email: info@gsa-expert.com